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Adopt an Anatomy in Clay Maniken

Your donation of $576...
• Helps educate area students by showing them how to work with a three-dimensional perspective of the human body
• Gives your organization community recognition - a plaque will be placed on the Maniken® and on all supporting educational materials
• Supports and inspires aspiring healthcare professionals in Southwestern Colorado


Video of the Anatomy of Clay Learning System

Anatomy in Clay® is a program that increases knowledge of human anatomy by using a hands-on approach to learning in which students build anatomical features on to a model (or Maniken®). This approach allows students to build anatomical features from the inside out on scale-model skeletons that gives them a three-dimensional perspective of the human body. This increased perspective, along with the interactive, kinesthetic act of building with clay, increases student understanding and retention of human anatomy.

Potential settings for Anatomy in Clay® include the following:

  • Semester long anatomy courses covering all aspects of anatomy in high school to support Advanced Placement Anatomy and Physiology and Biology courses
  • On-going anatomy instruction for high school student support services that include explicit instruction in vocabulary, memorization, and systems level learning
  • Tutor/Study sessions for college, nursing, or other healthcare students as a review of content knowledge
  • Instruction for sports teams, dance teams, or Yoga Teacher Training programs
  • Middle School introductory sessions for pre-health career and science exposure
  • Instruction for youth programming to promote resiliency by demonstrating connections between the body and mental and physical health
  • Community classes for older adults to increase mobility, balance, and concentration

Potential Anatomy in Clay® Workshops

Musculoskeletal and Body Systems
Medical Career Pathways
Crucial Connections: Mental and Physical Health
Breaking Down Cancer By Building with Your Hands: Breast Cancer
Breaking Down Cancer By Building With Your Hands: Prostate and Testicular Cancer
Breaking Down Cancer By Building With Your Hands: Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, and Diabetes
Team Building Anatomy Workshop
Anatomy in Clay® Manikens® are a one-time purchase that last forever. We are looking for community healthcare professionals to sponsor a Maniken®. Your donation of $576.00, the cost of a Maniken® kit, will get your name on a plaque on the Maniken® as well as on all of our supporting educational materials. In addition, your name will be mentioned at every training. As our community partners, this advertising is our way of honoring your support of aspiring healthcare professionals in Southwestern Colorado.

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For more information about our student programs, please visit our high school AHEC Career Exploration Program at https://swcahec.org/ahec-career-exploration/ or contact SWCAHEC Executive Director Kate Hartzell at kate.hartzell@swcahec.org
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