Using Care Coordination to Address Social and Economic Barriers to Health

Current data shows that the majority of patients screened for social needs use navigation services, or care coordination, to meet their healthcare needs. Care Coordination is the organization of patient and client care between partners to deliver the most comprehensive and effective care. In Southwest Colorado, care coordinators work with healthcare providers and community organizations to address specific patient needs, to prevent disease and to increase wellness. SWCAHEC hosts the Care Coordination Collaborative which convenes those involved in care coordination in the region to discuss resources and services, barriers to care, and training needs. Please visit the Care Collaboration Collaborative webpage for information and resources at

The Care Coordination Collaborative will be meeting on Wednesday December 16th at 3:30 to begin a conversation about the social needs screenings happening in the region and how we can use the data collected to better inform our work in addressing social and economic barriers of health in our region. SWCAHEC will share the data with you from the AHCM program and begin to identify where gaps in community resources exist and how best to address those gaps. We hope we can continue to support care coordinators by providing this opportunity to share, collaborate and partner.

For questions about the Care Coordination Collaborative or to receive a meeting agenda, please contact [email protected]