Healthcare Careers

SWCAHEC provides pipeline programs that introduce students to a variety of healthcare career options, connects them with training resources and helps support them in their chosen path.

Below is a Nursing and Allied Health Career Pathways grid. Explore nursing and allied health professions, including local educational opportunities and future salary potential.

Allied Health Profession Overview

Allied health can be defined as health professions that are differentiated from medicine, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy.

The Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions defines allied health professionals as those “involved with the delivery of health or related services pertaining to the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders; dietary and nutrition services; rehabilitation and health systems management, among others.”

Allied health professions can include physical therapists, respiratory therapists, imaging specialists, medical laboratory personnel, medical information technologists, physician assistants, nutritionists and dietitians, dental hygienists, exercise science specialists, audiologists, health educators, counselors, emergency medical personnel and medical assistants.  These are only some of the examples of careers considered part of the allied health professions.