This is truly the “YEAR OF THE NURSE” and a time to celebrate those who have put their lives at risk to care for others. Nominate your favorite nurse for the Nightingale Luminary Awards – Nominations are now closed. 2022 Winners will be announced soon.

Exciting News!
Dixie Melton, CFNP, received the regional Southwestern Colorado Nightingale Luminary Award on Sept. 23, 2021 at the SWCAHEC Virtual Nightingale Nursing Award event. She was then chosen from among 60 Luminary recipients from across the state to receive a 2021 Colorado Nightingale Award as a Nurse in Clinical Practice in the area of Leadership. Congratulations to Dixie. Read the full article.

STAR Awards

Every year SWCAHEC honors exceptional nurses in the Southwestern Colorado Region for the Rising and Shining STAR Awards. Nurses are nominated by their peers and the community.
STAR Award Nominations currently closed.

Criteria for nominations include:

“SHINING STAR” is a Nurse Who…

• Has worked or is currently working with a valid Colorado RN license
• Has practiced 10 years plus and has demonstrated leadership skills
• Made an impact on the profession / and or on patients 

“RISING STAR” is a Nurse Who…

• Is currently working with a valid Colorado RN license
• Has practiced less than 10 years but who shows leadership and growth potential
• Has made an impact on the profession / and or on patients


Congratulations to our 2020 Nightingale Luminary and STAR Winners!

Nightingale Luminary Award Winner for the SW Region Taylor Sifrit

Shining STAR Award Winner
Shannon Wells

Rising STAR Award WinnerKathryn Beck

The Annual Nightingale Luminary and STAR Awards provides an opportunity to acknowledge the amazing nurses in our region whose hard work continues to improve health through advocacy, innovation, and leadership. We believe this recognition of nurses and the nursing profession is a critical component of attracting and retaining the best nurses in southwest Colorado.

Due the current pandemic, our local 2022 Durango Nightingale and STAR award event is TBD. Check back for further details.