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We invite you to join the Southwest CO Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance 

The Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance uses the Next Generation Sector Partnership model to address healthcare workforce needs in our region of Colorado.  This model supports industry and community partnerships in all areas of business in order to reinforce and improve local economies and develop jobs. 

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In Southwest Colorado, a strong healthcare industry is essential to the health and economic vitality of the region. By bringing together a local group of representatives to sit at a “single table”, and identifying multiple issues and/or priorities, we will develop solutions that improve the healthcare landscape. Many factors impact the delivery of high quality healthcare: an educated healthcare workforce; changing state funding priorities; fragmented systems of care that lead to duplication; social determinants of health; and changing payment models. By working together and engaging educational and community partners, we can increase economies of scale and develop a stronger voice to drive change and improve health for our region. The partnership provides an avenue to create change, a place to come together to discuss urgent issues, and a channel to ensure that all agencies are informed of how they may be impacted. 

The Southwest Colorado Health Sector Partnership Alliance is a forum for understanding healthcare workforce needs with an emphasis on education and training. Beginning in January 2020, the Alliance established current goals and identified areas of focus related to industry input. 

Goal:  Recognize and address workforce training and education gaps in Southwestern Colorado

The following areas were identified as needs in relation to training and education for the healthcare workforce:

  1. Nursing: Development of Skilled nursing and Nursing Leadership
  2. Paraprofessional Employment Base (especially MAs)
  3. Development Mid-Level Behavioral Health Providers with appropriate degrees and certifications
  4. Development of Medical Administrative Support- Including trained billers and coders
  5. Recruitment and Retention of Providers- including primary care providers (MD, PA, NP), MD Specialists, Skilled Nursing with experience (esp. ICU and Cardiac)

Trainings suggested for potential review and development included:

  1. Team-Based Care Skill Trainings including team communication, shared goals, etc.
  2. Skilled nursing pipeline and/or advanced nursing skill and leadership trainings
  3. Paraprofessional program development including pre-apprentice recruitment programming and apprenticeship development
  4. Development of Medical Administrative Internships
  5. Training series including the integration of specialized best practices in a primary care setting 

Goal: Aid in the development of mental health-related training and education to support healthcare professionals and organizations in Southwestern Colorado.

The following five areas of need related to Mental Health Training for the healthcare workforce have been identified:

  1. Integrated Primary Care Model- Implementation, Maintenance, and Workforce development
  2. Integration of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Interventions- specifically alcohol
  3. Care Coordination and Behavioral Health Resource Management
  4. Integrating Behavioral Health Training in IHS/Tribal Health Settings
  5. Crisis Management- Screening, Recognition, and Referral in a Rural and Underserved Setting

Behavioral Health Trainings suggested for potential review and development included:

  1. Patient-Centered Care Planning
  2. Motivational Interviewing
  3. Behavioral Health Care Management
  4. Health Information Technology and Patient Communication
  5. Four Quadrant Clinical Integration Model
  6. Pediatric Integrated Care

GoalSupport and improve existing care coordination and the development and training of additional care coordination team members to address social determinants of health in rural Colorado.

The Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance convenes the Care Coordination Collaborative. Regional care coordinators collaborate with healthcare organizations, medical practices, and community organizations to provide the most comprehensive care to patients and clients in our region.  As a capacity building initiative, the Care Coordination Collaborative supports our care coordinators by convening to develop and provide high quality and meaningful training and coaching opportunities. These meetings allow professionals involved in care coordination to discuss the issues that they face in providing care and to brainstorm about opportunities that provide knowledge and strategies to address these issues.  Please visit the Care Coordination Collaborative for more information.

SPA facilitates quarterly calls to bring together healthcare industry leaders and community partners at a single table to address multiple issues encompassing our local communities.

Topics provide a unified voice on policy matters that affect the healthcare sector in Southwest Colorado as an avenue to create change.

Becoming a member of the partnership demonstrates community engagement and will be a part of a common group to develop a stronger voice to drive change and improve health for our region.

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Education and Training Resources for Southwestern Colorado Healthcare Providers Coming Soon!

The following are professions are resources specific to practicing healthcare professionals in Southwestern Colorado.  Please contact Kate at [email protected] to make resource suggestions.



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