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SW CO Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance log

We invite you to join the Southwest CO Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance 

A strong healthcare industry is essential to the health and economic vitality of the region. The four hospitals/healthcare systems and multiple healthcare providers in the Region 9 geographic area may naturally compete for similar patient populations, but can collaborate to improve the sector for their respective communities. By bringing together a local group of representatives to sit at a “single table”, and identifying multiple issues and/or priorities, we will develop solutions that improve the healthcare landscape. Many factors impact the delivery of high quality healthcare: an educated healthcare workforce; changing state funding priorities; fragmented systems of care that lead to duplication; social determinants of health; and changing payment models. By working together and engaging educational and community partners, we can increase economies of scale and develop a stronger voice to drive change and improve health for our region. The partnership provides an avenue to create change, a place to come together to discuss urgent issues, and a channel to ensure that all agencies are informed of how they may be impacted. 

SPA facilitates quarterly calls to bring together healthcare industry leaders and community partners at a single table to address multiple issues encompassing our local communities.

Topics provide a unified voice on policy matters that affect the healthcare sector in Southwest Colorado as an avenue to create change.
Becoming a member of the partnership demonstrates community engagement and will be a part of a common group to develop a stronger voice to drive change and improve health for our region.

The Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance

The next meeting of the Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 8th from 3:00-5:00.  As per participant requests, we are going to continue to discuss the recruitment and training of healthcare professionals in Southwestern Colorado.  At April’s Meeting, the Colorado Workforce Development Council will discuss some of the tools that they have developed to help with recruitment in rural areas including recruiting databases, techniques for writing job descriptions that both represent workforce needs and attract appropriate professionals, and ideas for education and training that create professionals uniquely qualified to serve in our region.

When and Where:

  • April 8, 3 – 5 p.m.
  • Online meeting Via ZOOM

Who should attend:

  • Industry leaders and subject matter experts such as HR professionals, hiring managers, and others who hire or perform critical occupations in behavioral health and healthcare.
  • Public partners are welcome to listen in to the conversation. Public partners include community organizations, workforce representatives, and education and training providers.

Why attend:

  • Have a direct influence on the talent pipeline for your region
  • Inform recruitment strategies for your organization
  • Network with businesses in your region and industry

Forum attendees will help determine:

  • The critical occupations in the behavioral health and healthcare sector for your region
  • The knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies needed for your critical occupations
  • What the career map looks like for your regional behavioral health and health sector

Space at the forum is limited. Please RSVP to this invitation to reserve a spot.

Questions? Email