Indigenous Food

This Indigenous food page has resources that connect food, culture, and health.

Food is more than what you buy in the grocery store and what you eat to survive. Indigenous food has culture, stories, songs, history, and relationships that are tied to traditions and the land. Prior to colonization, Indigenous tribes throughout North America were self-sustaining people in excellent health. Since Euro-American influence, the overall health and wellness of Indigenous communities continue to deteriorate. For many tribes the preservation of culture and identity have initiated efforts to reclaim and revitalize Indigenous food. SWCAHEC has developed an Indigenous cookbook and cooking demonstration as part of an AHCM grant funded effort.

Chelsie Begoody, SWCAHEC’s Community Health Programs Associate demonstrates how to make a healthy indigenous meal using blue corn.
View the Health Home Cooking Video.

Indigenous Cookbook


Southwestern Colorado Area Health Education Center (SWCAHEC) is continually working towards improving rural community health as a healthcare capacity building organization. Working with healthcare organizations screening patients for social needs, we have found that food is a consistent need throughout the Southwestern Colorado region. Our findings initiated several projects, one being this cookbook.


Hózhó is a wellness philosophy, compromised of principles that guide an individual’s action, behavior, speech, and thought. It can be translated to living life in beauty, harmony, and balance in the Diné (Navajo) Language. Hózhó Meals invites the thought of eating food that is good for the mind, body, and spirit. Hózhó Meals is a compilation of pre-existing Indigenous recipes and resources that strengthen the resurgence of Indigenous foods. The purpose of this book is to promote Indigenous recipes that are accessible and affordable to most people.