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Care Coordination Collaborative SWCAHEC


SWCAHEC recognizes the vital role that care coordinators play in increasing the wellness of Southwestern Colorado.  They generously collaborate with healthcare organizations, medical practices, and community organizations to provide the most comprehensive care to patients and clients in our region.  As a capacity building organization, we would like to support Care Coordinators by providing high quality and meaningful training and coaching opportunities.  To this end, we would like to convene a Care Coordination Collaborative to provide the opportunity to discuss what kinds of continuing education will most effectively facilitate care coordination practice.  These meetings will allow us to discuss the issues that care coordinators face in providing care and to brainstorm about opportunities that provide knowledge and strategies to address these issues.

Goal: Support and improve existing care coordination and the development and training of additional care coordination team members to address social determinants of health in rural Colorado.

Objective:  Identify Gaps in Knowledge and Areas of Training Needs:

  1. Behavioral Health Client Screening and Brief Interventions
  2. Communication with Healthcare Teams and Patients
  3. Coaching and Case Review Opportunities
  4. Professional Care Coordination Evaluation and Growth Scales and Tools
  5. Resources for Referrals and Systems Level Care Coordination Models

Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance/Care Coordination Collaborative and COVID-19 Response

Both the Southwest Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership Alliance and the Care Coordination Collaborative have met to address Covid-19 related education and training needs. These meeting were an opportunity to discuss emerging issues and to brainstorm about relevant and timely solutions.  SWCAHEC has used these convening to create related resources and trainings.  The following areas of need were targeted as a result of these ZOOM meetings:

  1. Increased Care Coordination Support Related to COVID-19 and Social Determinants of Health
  2. Opportunities for Convening:  Care Coordination related to changing social determinants of health needs in the COVID-19 present and future.